Why to join us?

Scholarships are also provided to the students scoring 85% marks in matric examination as well as to the needy students and to the children of Shuhada.

Students are provided with purpose oriented career counseling to facilitate them in the selection of their path according to abilities of the students.

Test of each subject is conducted on monthly basis. Results are intimated to the parents after every monthly test.

The faculty of Global College of sciences comprises experienced and renowned teachers.

The Message

You are one of the fortunate few who may soon join this system of quality education. That makes your family also one of the privileged few that has one or another of its members seeking better education. You must never forget that your family’s hard earned money will enable you to realize this thing. Some of the families really have to make the two ends meet to provide for their children’s education here at the Global College of Sciences. Your parents, siblings and other members of family have high expectations from you.

Principals Message

As a parent, I would like the very best for my children. I want them to be confined enough to feel good about themselves, care for others and contribute positively to society. Thus, choosing the right institution for them is one of the most significant decision I will make as a parent. It is a decision that will not only shape their development during their stay at the institution but also set the foundation for the person they will be.


“To impart education, a debt from present to future generations.”. The faculty of Global College of Sciences comprises experiences and renowned teachers.


SCHOLARSHIPS are also provided to the students Scoring 85% marks in Matric Examination as well as to the needy students and to the children of SHUHADA.

Learning Methodology

During Second year, students are also prepared for professional institutions like NUST, FAST, GIKL, UET (Lahore, Taxila, and Peshawar), Medical Colleges for the Punjab and KPK at Global Education Academy at concession.


Active professional specialists, critics and theorists make up major part of the college staff and many are internationally known. Their creative and professional work is fostered as research in its own right and as the basis for supervision of research student.


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