To be prominent private sector college in Pakistan, recognized for its ‘Global’ perspective, diverse and supportive learning environment, and natural reputation for academic excellence, creative discovery and extreme emphasis on leadership development.

College Library

A well-stocked library is maintained on the campus, equipped with course books as well as reference books on arts, Literature, Physical science, Islamic Studies. History Fiction, and World Geography Students are issued college library cards after their admission in college, enabling them to use the College library for academic purpose. The College also assists them in getting the membership of various reputed libraries of the town.

College Laboratories

The college is very well equipped with laboratories of all science subjects, viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science. The computer science lab is equipped with modern computers connected through a Local Area Network. Students are also provided internet facility for academic purposes.

Transport Facility

The college may arrange transport facility for intercity as well as intercity locomotion on request of the students.

Hostel Facility

The college has also planned to establish a hostel for boarding students and before the establishment of that hostel, the college may arrange accommodation for them in the nearest possible vicinity.

Career Counseling

A committee of senior professors has been constituted to provide career counseling to the students, keeping in view their tasters, tendencies and inclinations towards various career paths.

Fee Concession

A fee concession committee, headed by a senior member of the staff, invites applications for the grant concession at the beginning of each session. Students are interviewed by the committee and names of deserving students are recommended to the Director for Consideration. The Director has power to remit half or full tuition fee of a limited number of deserving students. Good conduct and satisfactory progress in studies are essential requirements for the grant or continuance of fee concession. Fee concession may be withdrawn for misconduct, irregularity in class attendance and poor academic performance. Application for fee concession must be made on the prescribed form available at the college office and it must be countersigned by the father/guardian of the application and duly verified by his employers in respect of monthly emolument drawn.


The college also grants numerous scholarships every year to students on grounds of academic excellence, disability, insufficient resources etc.


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