“To be a prominent private sector college in Pakistan recognized for its Global perspective, diverse and supportive learning environment, and natural reputation for academic excellence, creative discovery and extreme emphasis on leadership development.”


Global College of sciences, a future oriented and unique system, is committed to achieve excellence in the undergraduate education. All our comprehensive educational opportunities at the undergraduate and special professional educational levels.


“To impart education, a debt from present to future generations.”


“To impart education, a debt from present to future generations.”. The faculty of Global College of Sciences comprises experiences and renowned teachers.


SCHOLARSHIPS are also provided to the students Scoring 85% marks in Matric Examination as well as to the needy students and to the children of SHUHADA.

Learning Methodology

During Second year, students are also prepared for professional institutions like NUST, FAST, GIKL, UET (Lahore, Taxila, and Peshawar), Medical Colleges for the Punjab and KPK at Global Education Academy at concession.


Active professional specialists, critics and theorists make up major part of the college staff and many are internationally known. Their creative and professional work is fostered as research in its own right and as the basis for supervision of research student.


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