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You are one of the fortunate few who may soon join this system of quality education. That makes your family also one of the privileged few that has one or another of its members seeking better education. You must never forget that your family’s hard earned money will enable you to realize this thing. Some of the families really have to make the two ends meet to provide for their children’s education here at the Global College of Sciences. Your parents, siblings and other members of family have high expectations from you.
To fulfil these exectations, you have to make use of the privileged opportunity you will have after getting admission. If you choose to focus on your studies and academic goals. You will ensure your future, and will fulfil the hopes and expectations of your parents and members of family. Doing so will help you materialize your dream and make the life of your family comfortable.
We urge you to value time, and not to frustrate the dreams and expectations of all those who have pinned their hopes on you. Have faith in yourself, ensure your future, and give your parents, family and above all yourself, the future that you deserve.

May All bless you with success. Aameen!
Muhammad Idrees
Global College of Sciences


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